Explore one of the most mesmerising places in the world with us; Tibet. Home to vast horizons and endless landscapes; high-altitude desserts and to some of the highest mountain peaks on this planet. 

By joining our journeys through Tibet you get to experience taking the leap from tourist to pilgrim as you immersive yourself into the living wisdom tradition of the peoples and communities of the land, brought down in an unbreakable lineage from the historical Buddha of India 2.5 thousand ago to the present day. 

Join us for a Kora (circumambulation of sacred objects) around the otherworldly Jorkhang Temple in Lhasa, home to the most sacred Buddha statue in all of Asia, while smelling the scent of butterlamp offerings and juniper incense and looking at the many Tibetans paying home in prostration at the temple entrance. This is the kind of epic journey of a lifetime.   


We wish to share the exquisite textiles, art and unique crafts of the region. We believe in bridging the aesthetics of the artisan work of the Himalayas onto the modern backdrop of interior design and fashion.

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