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We had to bring these internationally acclaimed rice cakes to everybody in India because rice cakes are a healthy alternative to bread as most white bread contain an unhealthy amount of sugar. Rice cakes will help weight conscious people control their diets as this is a gluten free way to enjoy an in between meal snack without spoiling your appetite.

At Ambrosia Organic Farm we use traditional expensive varieties of whole rice. Polished rice is only starch hence we do not use polished rice or hybrid rice. We use organic rice with its skin which makes cakes tasty.

The organically grown types of rice we use are Dorga rice, Mysore rd rice, Trishul brown rice, Sona massori and Koti rice. We use at least two or three varieties in each batch plus a millet. The rice cakes we offer are Amaranth, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Ragi, Corn, spicy.

We also make multigrain cakes that has two types of rice plus Amaranth, Ragi, Barnyard millet, Bajra and Buckwheat all in one amazing multigrain snack. Lastly we offer wheat cakes (not gluten free but made with Kapali wheat rice which is considerably lower in gluten content than any modern hybrid wheat varieties)

Kapali is a type of Emma wheat, originating from ancient Persia and one of the few surviving original varieties of the wheat that has been nourishing people for atleast 2000 years.

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