Ditch the single-use cotton pads and make the switch to reusables! Acknowledging our deep love for skincare and for our planet, we introduce to you skincare addicts, 100% Cotton Flannel Reusable Face Pads.

The 8 rounds are made of 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel in lavender borders. Each round is handmade with love by our skilled workforce.

*Potential to absorb increases after first few washes*

Edges are rounded in order to maintain durability and to prevent them from fraying.

What one pack contains: Our Reusable face pads pack includes 8 units of 100% cotton flannel facial rounds, 3” x 3”, along with a mesh bag that makes the product travel friendly and allows you to wash all your face pads conveniently!

How to use:  Take one of the rounds and pour any of your favourite makeup remover/ toner/ mist on it and let the soft cotton round do its magic- it’s that easy!

How to clean:  You can wash the rounds individually after use with a soft soap or put them in the mesh bag post-use and machine wash with a softening soap. Can dry under the sun or in a dryer, and they will be perfect to use again!

Sourcing: We get all our face pads hand-stitched by tailors in Northern India. This is why all our face pads don’t look the same, however to us, that’s where the beauty lies!

Why we picked Cotton Flannel: Cotton Flannel is known for its properties of being breathable, soft and extremely kind to the skin. We spent a long time in finalising the base for our face pads and this fabric is the perfect fit as it not only does the job perfectly well, but also ensures your skin remains the happiest!

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