Nepal, a landlocked country with some of the most incredible diversity imaginable; home to the highest peaks in the world – the Himalayas – as well as home to the hilly valleys of central Nepal and Kathmandu, and to the lower plains of southern Nepal bordering India.

It is a country full of history, culture, languages, vibrancy and colour.  

The sights, scents and sounds of Buddhist and Hindu temples; Stupas decorated in prayer flags and  incense and flower offerings found at every little local shrine throughout the country; Nepal is unforgettable for most travellers. 

When you travel to Nepal with Himalayan Hermitage you will experience the culture and its people first hand. We take you on an immersive and authentic journey into the heart of the cultures and communities of the Himalayan people. 


We wish to share the exquisite textiles, art and unique crafts of the region. We believe in bridging the aesthetics of the artisan work of the Himalayas onto the modern backdrop of interior design and fashion.

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