Our Meditation Journeys are designed to take you deeper into the cultures and communities of the places we explore.

Meditation in Tibetan is ‘gom’, which literally means ‘to become familiar with your own mind’. Each day throughout the journey we practice meditation together as a group of fellow pilgrims, followed by an introduction into Buddhist philosophy. We practice Shamatha, which is Sanskrit for ‘calm abiding’, a practice that helps us still the busy-ness of our minds from the speediness of our world.

These are not tourist-designed trips; Himalayan Hermitage Meditation Journeys are intended to help those who are curious about meditation and the spiritual heritage of the Himalayas to deepen their understanding and immersion into its living culture.


We wish to share the exquisite textiles, art and unique crafts of the region. We believe in bridging the aesthetics of the artisan work of the Himalayas onto the modern backdrop of interior design and fashion.

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