Himalayan Hermitage Immersive Journeys offer unique experiences to some of the most sought-after sacred sites of the region and to some of the most breath-taking landscapes of the Himalayas. 


All of our journeys have been designed to take you deeper into the Buddhist cultures and communities of the places we explore. This often means hiking in some of the most stunning landscapes where meditators have been practicing wisdom and compassion for centuries. 


Some of the physical symbols of the Himalayan Buddhist world that we encounter on our way as we hike through the landscapes are stupas, temples, monasteries and meditation caves, all surrounded by prayer flags, Buddhist mantras and offerings from the local communities. 


Some journeys are designed for experienced and active travellers in good physical condition and some itineraries include full day hikes at high altitude, especially our Pilgrimage Journey around Mount Kailash. 


We wish to share the exquisite textiles, art and unique crafts of the region. We believe in bridging the aesthetics of the artisan work of the Himalayas onto the modern backdrop of interior design and fashion.

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