Himalayan hermitage

Pilgrimage Journey to Mount Kailash & Tibet

With Alex & Sisse d'Artois
September 28th – October 15th, 2022


FROM $4,999

Activity Level

Designed for experienced & active travellers in good physical condition. These itineraries may include full-day hikes (sometimes at high altitude) and/or full-day excursions. Trails often include steep ascents/descents on mountainous terrain.

Service Level
Ultimate Journeys
Ultimate Journeys feature a fully immersive itinerary with a particular theme. Great distances are covered using only the best vehicles available. These itineraries are carefully designed to be comprised of daily sessions of meditation and philosophy, an intimate introduction to the rich Himalayan culture, exclusive access to remote & sacred sites, and visits/talks with local specialists & experts. All-inclusive services include: travel by the highest quality land transportation vehicles and/or plane, knowledgeable local guides, porters, first-class accommodation, healthy & delicious meals, and experienced & dynamic Himalayan Hermitage facilitators as well as local specialists & experts.
Group Size
Max 21
  • 18 Days from September 28th – October 15th, 2022
  • Guided by Alex & Sisse d’Artois, founders of Himalayan Hermitage
  • Explore Tibet – ‘The Roof of the World’: a land of nomads, endless space, and pilgrims reciting mantras of compassion
  • Join pilgrims from all over the world for a 3-day circumambulation (kora) around Mount Kailash, Tibet – the epi-centre of Tibetan Buddhist cosmology. We start our Kora on the full moon date.
  • Early bird price of $4999 USD per person
  • Guests must arrive in Kathmandu two days prior to the starting date of the journey, no later than the evening of September 26th, for handing in all passports of the group in order to initiate the Chinese group visa application for Tibet
  • Please see the ‘Price & Inclusions’ tab below for more details

Daily Itinerary




We encourage guests to arrive at least 2-3 days prior to the journey’s starting date in order to give yourself the minimal time needed to rest up, acclimatize, shake off jet-lag, and most importantly for the group visa application.In regards to the VISA application: It is important that you arrive in Kathmandu no later than the evening of Monday September  26th. Upon arrival, all participants’ passports will be collected for the group application of the Chinese visa + travel permit for Tibet. Booking your flight ticket to arrive at least 2-3 days prior to the journey’s starting date will also compensate for any unforeseen flight delays.

 On the first day of the journey you will be picked up from your Hotel after breakfast and brought to check-in at our Hotel where we stay in Boudhanath. At 11:00am we will have a group orientation and introduction to the pilgrimage journey, led by your hosts and facilitators Sisse Budolfsen and Alex d’Artois, at the Hotel. Afternoon pilgrimage in Boudha and introduction to meditation practice.

Morning visit to Pashupatinath – the largest Hindu temple complex in the Kathmandu Valley. The afternoon is free as we may wish to prepare for our next day departure to Lhasa.

 We arrive in Lhasa and go straight to the hotel where we spend the afternoon resting before dinner. Lhasa is at an altitude of 3,650 meters (12,000 feet), so it is important to acclimatize by taking it easy/not over-exerting ourselves, resting, and hydrating during our first few days in this new environment.


 In the next couple of days during of our stay in Lhasa we visit the Potala Palace, which used to be the residence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, followed by the spiritual heart of Lhasa – the Jorkhang temple. The following day we visit two of the greatest Gelugpa monasteries of Tibet, Drepung and Sera monasteries, located on the outskirts of Lhasa.

 The following day we venture out of Lhasa to the first ever founded monastery in Tibet, the ‘unchanging, and spontaneously arisen’ Samye. Starting in the 8th century, Samye held great importance for the origins of Buddhism throughout Tibet. On our journey to Samye we drive along the sacred Yarlung Tsangpo river (Brahmaputra river) and the many willow trees along its river banks. We spend the night in Tsetang, near Yarlung Tsangpo river.

 We depart from Tsetang and travel south-west toward Gyantse – this is our next overnight stay on our journey toward Mount Kailash and a slight increase in altitude. Gyantse is 4,000m (13,125 feet) above sea level. The ride is beautiful with majestic scenery along the way. After we have climbed the first pass we will come to one of the four most sacred lakes in Tibet – the Yamdrok Tso. The turquoise colour of the lake is simply pristine.

After breakfast we visit the Gyantse ‘Kumbum‘ which literally means ‘100,000 images‘ of Buddhist deities. The Kumbum is a magnificent Chörten (stupa) from the 15th century and is unique in the Himalayas as it is partially made from wood (most stupas are made from stone). After lunch we have a shorter day’s journey as we travel through farm land from Gyantse to Shigatse. During the afternoon we pay homage while visiting Tashilungpo – the residency of the Panchen Lamas. We spend this night in Shigatse a little lower in altitude than our previous night. Shigatse is 3,845m (12,615 feet) above sea level.

 After a morning ‘kora’ (circumambulation – this is a walking practice) around Tashilungpo, the most important monastery in Shigatse, we journey onward to Saga – 4,640m (15,225 feet) above sea level). This is the last stop before we reach the holy lake of Manesarovar and Mount Kailash.




 Today we arrive at Chiu Gompa and lake Manesarovar. For the first time on our journey we are able to see the majesty of Mount Kailash. We stay in a guesthouse by the sacred lake Manesarovar, located at 5,000m (16,405 feet) above sea level. The guesthouse is modest, but will provide us with a comfortable bed and a warm meal.

 We travel from Lake Manesarovar onto Darchen, the gateway to where the kora around Mount Kailash starts will start the next day. We spend the night in Darchen, 4,575m (15,010 feet) above sea level.

 The next morning we start the kora around Kailash – for the next three days we circumambulate/walk around the sacred mountain clockwise. The mountain itself is 6,700 meters (21,982 feet) high. The highest point we reach on the kora is Drolma-la pass and is 5,630m (18,470 feet). We stay in comfortable tea houses on our way around the mountain. Accommodation will be basic, but we will have a clean bed, a warm meal. Hot showers cannot be guaranteed during these two nights in the tea houses around Kailash.

 We complete the kora late morning and travel back to Saga.

 This morning we make our journey south to Kyirong – the new border crossing between Tibet and Nepal. We will travel from one of the highest passes in Tibet at 5,200m (17,060 feet) altitude to the Kyirong border, which is situated at  a comfortable 1,850m (6,070 feet). This is one of the most astonishing scenic drives on the planet, from desert-like Tibet to lush and green vegetation in Nepal – all within a few hours! We spend the night at the Kyirong border.

 In the early morning we cross the border from Tibet into Nepal. We travel down through Nepal alongside the Langtang National Park on our way from the Tibet border to Nuwakot. This will be one of our longest travel days, with a lot of hours spent in a bumpy jeep! However, the views are exquisite all along the way. We reach our destination for the night, a beautifully located eco-resort on top of a hill in Nuwakot, where we can enjoy a delicious dinner after a long day of adventurous travel.

 Today we make our way back to Kathmandu. The drive from Nuwakot to Kathmandu is approximately 3-4 hours, depending on traffic. We spend the night at the same guesthouse in Boudhanath from where the journey started. Farewell dinner at the Boudha Stupa.

 Day of departure. We provide transportation to Tribhuvan International airport in today, or on a later date if you wish to stay longer in the Kathmandu Valley. Please let us know your travel plans 🙂